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Repair information for Sony Bravia 32" LCD TV. Released in 2008. Model number: KLV-32T400A.

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Is my tv worth fixing if no picture but screen constantly flickers?

Turned the tv on but just a flickering no picture can this be fixed or just a new tv?

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lil.cichy  depending on what your screen sows. Post some images of that with your question. Use this guide Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente for that. It will possibly help us to guide you in the right direction. Also, let us know the exact model of your TV. Vertical lines are usually caused by either a bad main board, a bad T-con board and very seldom by a bad panel or bad power board. Once we can see your screen, we should get you a more precise answer. Right now I am pretty sure that this can be fixed for as long as it is not a broken panel. Those are hard to come by and if you can get them, they are most often more than a new TV.

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It is difficult to make that determination since it involves what you think is a reasonable cost. Rather than answer that question directly, lets try to determine the cost of repairing your set. First of all, what is the model number? Also, what exactly is flickering? The picture or just a single color?


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Display repair don't show

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