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Why is my laptop screen going blank?

My laptop screen went out and now its all just dark screen. The battery is fully charged and I can still power it on and log in. But then the screen just went out. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi @sasres

Just verifying that the screen works when you go to login (splash screen and Windows startup screen etc and then it goes black after login, is this correct?

Connect an external monitor to the laptop and check its display is OK or not

What OS is installed?

If you have Win 10 installed try starting the laptop in safe mode and check what the laptop's display is like.


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do this

1. open the task manager and (ctrl+ shift +esc) look for windows explorer

2. and right click on it open file location and hit enter on the explorer

3. wait a few seconds for the explore and desktop manager to launch

and when u can acess the pc… update windows immediately ..

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Hi @mpsoha ,

If the screen is just a dark screen, how can you can "see" what you are doing?


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