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The Lenovo Yoga 710-14IKB was released August 2016. Model name 80V4. 14" touchscreen convertible laptop by Lenovo.

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Is it possible to replace the keyboard

I have my right arrow key and f12 key working very inconsistently, they only work about once every 20 tries. Would it be possible to change the keyboard or the key ?

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Albert Koppelmaa  download the maintenance manual from here. The keyboard is attached by plenty of small screws to the upper case. You pretty much have to move everything from the laptop to get to every screw.

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Hi Albert Koppelmaa

Test with an external USB keyboard, ensure it is working well.

I would suggest you to change the whole keyboard module.

They can be found at ebay, amazon, etc

Just an example:

Notes: Based on some models of lenovo I had worked with, I think to replace the keyboard, you need to remove the mainboard and battery to access.

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I brought the keyboard, but cannot replace it. I think YOGA 710-14IKB keyboard is not a separate part - there is a metal cover on top of the keyboard that attaches to the bezel with rivets that are impossible to unscrew.


I bought a replacement keyboard and have successfully installed it. Had a lot of doubt on the way, as the last two layers are attached mainly with plastic rivets. Just as Nino Niniko says. They can easily be cut away. Was worried a lot about those steps. When putting it all back together I used a glue gun to replace those plastic rivets. Bigger rivets then before but there is room for it.

It feels great again, including the keyboard.


I did the same thing as Kenneth Wilhelmsson suggested. It did work for me, but it does feel a bit hacky.

It really bums me out that while Lenovo advertises with built quality, the Yoga line really doesn't like to be repaired.


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