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Why are my beats x not turning on

My beats will flash white 3 times and appear red when on charger indicating they are charging but they won’t turn on please help I’ve tried resetting but it does not work and the guide on reddit was way to complicated

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Beats x on charger ….keeps blinking red to white ……will not turn on


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I would try updating them. It might be a simple software issue. Otherwise it would be that the port is damaged.

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I’ll check to see if that works thanks for the help


I tried updating them and I know there charging because the light turns on and the firmware update didn’t work


Same issue. Apple support says they are defective and wants $80 to replace them since mine are 14 months old. Crappy product and poor support.


Mine are still under warranty I got em in December


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You are a doughnut fool !$$&* you need to use a Samsung charger not an iPhone charger go to auction to get a username which has £200 minutes in the account mohamedrashid00

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