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The Dell Inspirion 15z has a 15" touch screen, with 6GB of hard drive memory and 500GB of RAM memory. It can be identified by its serial number

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Hard disk not found, but works in external disk reader

So out of nowhere, my Dell Inspiron 15z stops booting from my hard disk. I do my research and find the most common suggestion is to take the whole laptop apart and reseat the hard disk. I do this and receive the same error. My lady is freaking out because she had a semester's worth of work on the computer, and she didn't back it up. Lesson learned there. In the meantime, we bought an external hard disk reader and got her stuff off the hard disk. I tried reseating the hard drive again today, put the computer back together and am still recieving the same error message. So if the hard disk works in the reader, but the laptop isn't finding it, any idea what my problem might be?


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Joshua Hoade  if you can read the drive in an external reader but do not boot from it, it is most likely not the drive that has failed but the OS. If your computer cannot find the OS it will not boot from it. Check to see if your drive still shows up in your computers BIOS (most likely) when it is supposed to be the primary boot device. If it does it sounds like a corrupt OS.

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