Washer drum free spin by hand and water not filling

I have a fully automatic LG Top-load washer and drier (WF-T7519PV). Today, after loading the machine with clothes, it did not start running even after 30mins. Checked and found that there was no water in drum; it was continuously draining. Also, the drum is very free, it can be spun in either direction with hand (Usually, it could be spun only one way with hand). I removed the clothes, and turned ON spin cycle, drum started spinning, but doesn't stop after opening the door. I can sense that the motor gets turned off but drum spins due to inertia. Is the brake not getting engaged?? In wash cycle, the pulsator spins, but drum spins lesser than usual.

To sum up, I have the following issues.

1. Continuous water drain from drum.

2. In spin cycle, drum does not stop even after opening door.

3. In wash cycle, pulsator spins but drum spins very less.

What could be the issue and how do I fix it?

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Nathaniel Radcliffe what exact model is your combo?


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