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Lenovo's fourth generation Yoga laptop debuted in November 2015. The Yoga 700-11ISK is a hybrid tablet-laptop that features a 4-in-1 design, 8GB of ram, a 2.5 solid state drive, and an Intel® Core™ m7 Processor.

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Change chassis as current one is opening

Drop laptop before, top right chassis is opening, screw thread worn. Occasional lag/ hang when hand rest on keyboard. Laptop working well after taping (at the opening/ gap). May I have a quotation on chassis replacement pls? Thank you.

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'''TheMissYuki Chan'''  the quote would be dependent on where you buy the parts. iFixit does not do repairs. Here you can get free advice to help you with doing the repair yourself. Download the hardware maintenance manual for your computer from here It will show you how to take it apart. Then you will have to see which parts you exactly need and can source those by doing an online search.

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