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Seventh and final generation of the Cadillac Fleetwood / Rear Wheel Drive / 350 cu in. (5.7L) V8 Engine

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Interior lights are stuck on

Originally the fuse for interior lights was missing causing none of them to work, replaced it and all of them came on and are stuck on. Door lights, roof lights, pull down mirror lights, all stuck on.

If I click the click-able lights such as above the door then that light will go off while I have it pressed down but resumes on when let go.

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Hi @cbris ,

You may have a faulty door switch on one of the doors, i.e. permanently on.

They are usually enclosed in a rubber boot in the door frame somewhere.

There is only one wire attached to each switch and the other side connects to the chassis of the vehicle. Mostly they rust out and cause problems.

Perhaps that what blew the fuse originally, as you have to wonder why it was "missing".

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