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What's the value of this resistor

Hello there,

I came across a resistor on a pool robot power supply which is measuring 0 ohms, and I cannot understand what the value was by the color code bands. I already searched google for what it could be but I can't make anything of this. For those, like me, who may think this might be a coil, on the PCB the component is marked as a resistor.

Block Image

Update (06/06/2018)

I'm sorry for the picture quality, but my Xiaomi smartphone doesn't really take better pictures than these. But with the resistor in the same position as it is in the picture, the colours are black brown black silver brown.

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@jonyrouge if the colors are “black brown black silver brown” then your resistor is a 0.1 ohm +/- 1%

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It's hard to determine the exact value without the schematic but I did find this information.

This resistor is a 5 band resistor but it's hard to see the colors from the picture.

Read the stripes from left to right. The first stripe is the one that’s closest to one end of the resistor. If this stripe is on the right side of the resistor, turn the resistor around so the first stripe is on the left.

Here is a Color guide from Digikey to help you decode it and to buy the right part.

Here is another link with some great info.

Hope this helps.

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picture is not clear enough, but if it is grey brown black silver red it is 8,1 Ohms at 2%.

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