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User-centric 15" Asus F553M notebook laptop. Released in 2015.

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How to fix deep sleep mode?

Today when I was on my pc I tried to use my mouse, but when I connected it to my pc I got "when placed in deep sleep mode, the system may not wake on LAN or through a USB device" is there a way to fix it? I already tried making a new plan on the Power section of the control panel!

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Hi @doo

Had you tried checking inside your asus BIOS / UEFI settings on it?

There should have a power option section which you can adjust the behavior. Ensure they are not disabled, and also check for any possible BIOS updates for your laptop.


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Hi @doo ,

Go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Mice and other pointing devices , right click on your mouse listing and select Properties > Power Management and ensure that the box labelled Allow the computer to turn off this device is unchecked and that the other box labelled Allow this device to wake the computer is checked and click OK

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