CPU Replacement with New Chip

I was wondering if you buy a new A8 CPU chip from China and you need to replace the CPU on your iPhone 6 Plus. Does the New CPU chip require programing like lets just say NAND Flash Chip?

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Before ordering a new Cpu look here to see what a Cpu replacement involves.

"First of all, the CPU is serial number locked with the Baseband IC, the NAND and the BB EEPROM. So the only way to migrate a CPU is to migrate all of those IC's (and the Home Button)." as @refectio said in this Can we replace iPhone 6 processor with iPhone 6S processor?

Hope you are a well-experienced technician to do this by yourself.

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So if I bought a new CPU A8 chip, a new CPU IC mfm9625m chip, and a new BB EEPROM chip, you are telling me that if I change all these chips with new ones from China and Reprogramed the NDND Flash chip the phone would not work??? How did Apple program those chips in there factory? Or do the only program one chip and the others fall in line like Slave chips??


Dear Minho I am just trying to see how things work. I may be some dumb but I am not Plumb Dumb LOL. I have some crap here that I am just trying to learn on I am not trying to break any laws but someone sold me a phone that was unlocked and two days later they locked through there iCloud account not I can not find the person. I seen someone by pass the iCloud by switching the 2 CPU chips reading the NAND and writing to a new NAND chip and replacing the EEPROM chip and they said that would bypass the iCloud lock, But that makes no sense wouldn't the iCloud lock be stored on the NAND chip and be moved over to the newer NAND chip? So even if you change all those chips wouldn't the phone sill be locked? It would be easier to swap the logic board with an unlock one and then the IMIE number would not match the back plate. Any way where is the IMIE number stored?


Oros do you work for Apple or something? Don't the New CU chips come pre programed?? If so how would you fix a phone with a bad CPU??


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