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Is it possible to charge the removed battery?

[tl;dr]If i remove the battery from my phone is it possible to charge it?

My phone has been unresponsive since i tried to charge it with a new usb cable.

I checked and it seems the problem is the charging port , i consulted some repair guys and they told me that it's hard to repair it and would not take the risk.

I don't really care for the phone my priority is to recover my data

So I was thinking of removing the battery and recharge it then put it back again and do backups but i was wondering if this is even possible or if i need any special tools or if there is another alternative

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I wouldn't recommend it. (I'm a repair guy too)

If it's the bare battery then you won't have the charging control board. So you could risk fire or explosion. It might be possible to connect a DC power supply to the phone (instead of the battery) long enough to get the data but I don't know enough about that phone to be more precise.

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Thanks for the reply.

Do you know of any guide on how to perform such repair?


Motorola Moto G (2nd Generation) should get you enough info to strip it down.


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