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The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is easy to set up, simple to fly and shoots 4K video.

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gimble wont home upon startup, it keeps looking for home

the gimble does move all axises but doesn't find home and keeps trying.

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Hey, there Jim. I have a Phantom 4 but I'll answer this from experience,

Usually when the Gimbal is searching it does not have any level ground to base itself off of, either due to Compass interference or the IMU is just completely uncalibrated. To calibrate it please click Here that will help you get it calibrated.

If that does not work Click Here to calibrate the Gimbal system.

And lastly, make sure to keep your compass calibrated almost every other flight, as even a different location can make it have unsteady flight. There is a video located Here

If any of the solutions above worked, mark my answer has Accepted please.



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