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The Asus X551M-RLN03 is part of the Asus X-series. It is a 15.6 in notebook that runs on Windows 8 with an Intel Core Processor.

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Power light comes and screen can come on but has a glitch and goes out

My laptop will only turn on if its plugged in. The power light comes on but I have to keep messing with the button and charger cord for the.screen to actually come on but it doesn't stay on. Looks like a glitch then goes out. It was given to me so I'm not sure of any previous problems or what may have caused this.

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Since the laptop is not being kept operating by the charger, from your description it seems as though the Dc-In jack (where you plug the charger into the laptop) may be either faulty or loose from the motherboard.

If this is the case it may also be the reason why the battery is not charging and is flat.

Here’s a link to a video for your laptop model that shows how to dis-assemble it so that access to the DC-In jack is possible and it can be inspected and further testing done if necessary.

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