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The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 is an arc-slider phone with the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system.

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Where to find 3.5mm female socket part for Xperia X1?


I have had some problems with this phone, many of them are known by SE users but it seems that I had a problem that other users didn't had and I made it even biger.

The headphone jack (3.5mm) was acting strange lately, if I wanted to listen in headphones sometimes I was supposed to hold the headphone's jack against the socket in a certain position because otherwise the sound was blured, like a pin inside wouldn't touch the jack. The thing worked also by applying presure on the housing in that area. Sometimes it worked, but the big problem apeared when the phone started to dial by itself the last number in Call Log; and this was only happening when headphones inserted. Sometimes wasn't but I opened the housing and tried to see what was the issue so I made the things worse. I broke the pins of the 3.5mm socket so I have to either find this part to replace or in the worst case to change the entire mainboard. I need to find a spare part but I hadn't any luck. Could you please provide me a model to search for on that site or ebay? It seems that I won't find that exact design but I guess that it doesn't matter, all that matters is the number of solder pins (5) and their order. Please someone who knows electronics help this situation. There's no info on the internet about this piece of soccket.

Hopefully I made some pictures right before opening the phone and if you need more please tell me, I will be glad to give you more details.

It could be on the internet somewhere, but without knowledge is like searching the needle in the dark.

So this is what i figured it out by now

Gender - Female

Standard - 1/4 in (most likely)

Termination style - Solder

Number of Positions / Contacts - 5 Stereo

on Mouser there are only 2 (TS mono) and 3 (TRS Stereo) filters

Orientation - Horizontal i guess

Color - doesn't matter

Voltage - I don't know

5 soldered pins picture

front view picture

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Ashan what are the dimensions of the jack?


I should open it again and measure... That site is very interesting, unfortunately it doesn't allways show pictures and data sheet.


I know, ;-)that is why i think it is important to take the measurement and do go ahead and contact those sites. Most of the time people are very helpful and can surely guide you to the proper audio jack. thank you for accepting my answer.


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Ashan, here are a few that might suit your needs. Some here and a few more here both of those vendors have email, and I would contact them before hand to make sure that the connectors come as close to your original as needed. Good luck to you and let us know how it is going.

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Thank you, you're very kind!

They are similar at connectors but the shape is diferent...they are larger :| if it fits it would be OK but then again...:|


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