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The Odyssey was introduced in 1994 as Honda's first minivan — based on the Accord platform, with a 4-cylinder engine, all-disc anti-lock braking, all wishbone suspension, and a four-speed automatic transmission with a steering-column-mounted shifter and a hill-hold feature, marketed as Grade Logic.

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Why is my Honda cutting out

Was having issues with my 95 Odyssey, Not starting whilst check engine light was on.. replaced fuel pump, replaced fuel filter, replaced main relay and ignition wiring... Now car starts fine but once warms up it cuts out... Happens whilst driving and also whilst idling? It's got me stumped!

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Hi @jefk ,

Get the ODBII port scanned to see if any codes are present. That should give some idea of what's going on in the engine.


Cheers, am taking it in ,in the Mornning to get a diagnostic check done... when it was cold I managed to drive it to the supermarket and back without it cutting out...


Am wondering if it might be a faulty fuse or something... That when it heats up expands and loses contact?ie cutting out... Cools and restarts?


The main relay I replaced was from the wreckers... Could that be faulty also?


Hi @jefk ,

Has the check engine light disappeared or has it come back on again?

Start with the codes first (if any) as you may be chasing a lot of red herrings trying to find something that may not be there.

If no codes then it could be a faulty coil for instance not providing sufficient spark when it gets hot.

Does it turn over when it has cut out and refuses to fire?

There are a lot of reasons for engines cutting out when hot,


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Cheers thank you. Took it for diagnostic check... Apperentlly the distributor is stuffed. Thank you for your help. I'm replacing that tomorrow!

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Hi @jefk ,

Glad that the problem was found so quick.



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