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Voice coil rub only when on.

The right speaker is perfectly fine, but when on, It has a rubbing sound similar to a blown speaker, this is not a problem though when off.

I noticed a rubbing noise coming from the right speaker when playing songs at low levels, so I decided to open up the speaker and see what was wrong with it (I do this a lot.) when I gently pushed the driver in, nothing happened, it sounded fine, but when i played music it happened again. so i pushed it again and it made a rubbing noise, but only when the speaker was on.

I cant find any replacement speakers on the internet, so this is my last resort.


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Hi @jackkinli ,

Can you prove it is actually a problem with the speaker and not in the amp section feeding the speaker, by swapping the connections between the left and right speakers from the motherboard? (disconnect the speaker leads - remember where they went to on the speakers - take pictures before disconnecting them -and run in temporary leads if the permanent wires won't reach.

As for the speaker itself. What is the information written on the coil box if any? Hopefully it should give the impedance value of the speaker e.g. 4 Ohms or 8 Ohms etc. If you measure the diameter of the speaker you should be able to find one online, i.e. Impedance + diameter. Perhaps not with the same mounting assembly to fit in the unit's housing but you never know.

Just some thoughts.


So swapping them changed nothing, meaning it was the driver itself, and the drivers a 4ohm, 20w at 2". which is pretty much the height of the speaker itself, if you can find any i will be amazed.


Did you have any luck with this? My left speaker has started buzzing with the bass - I think I was playing it too loud. If you look closely inside you can see the inner housing is slightly bent out of shape on the left hand side but not on the right. I’ve never opened up a speaker before so not sure if it’s worth the effort of poking around? what do you think?


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Here's one (but you have to buy 2!)

Click on the 4th image down to the left of the main picture of the speakers to get the overall dimensions of the assembly. Perhaps may be a bit too big.

You may have to verify the power rating with the seller though. It says 4 Ohm 20W but reading down the specs it states 10W so am wondering if 2 pieces by 10 W is what they actually mean, whereas I assume you want 40W overall for the unit.

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Yeah, I saw these a while ago, but one of my drivers are 20w for a total of 40w, Its annoying spec.


I'm Fine with buying two, its just the overall speaker is 40w (2x20w) and would probably have more of a chance fixing it than finding replacements (if there is a way.)

Thanks for Looking.


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