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First released in 2005, the iDog is an MP3 toy manufactured by Sega and distributed by Hasbro in the USA.

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power port by left rear leg?

I found a Hasbro iDog at a garage sale. It doesn't do anything when I put batteries in. I downloaded the directions for taking it apart. That will be my next project.

How does it work? What does it do?

By the way, what is the port (kinda looks like a power port for a computer) on the left side of the dog for?


Jackie Lee

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That's the 3.5 mm jack for plugging in an audio source. Plug it in, play some music, and watch it dance!


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@jackie41 that is i-Dog's audio in connector.

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Here is the user manual for the functions etc.id_75024_IDog

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that port on the side is actually an auxiliary Port so please plug- ainauxiliary cable

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