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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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Boots to grey screen, ejects install cd and goes to missing drive icon

I have an aluminum 15" powerbook g4 that I am unable to install an OS onto due to the fact whenever I attempt to boot from the cd it ejects it and will not proceed

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Please tell us about the installation disk you are trying to use.


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If you have another mac around, you could try putting the image on a USB drive and installing from that.

Here is a Video guide I used to do this some time ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZyiMlLZ...

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Hello, if its ejecting your cd it means the powerbook can’t read it.

You can try with another DVD , or via usb (this Is only doable via the OpenFw)


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