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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8+. Released in April 2017.

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Problem with charging in Galaxy S8+

I have a feeling that the charger does not connect properly to the micro usb port. It is loose and often disconect. Phone is out of warranty. CAn I repair it myself? Do you know if I have to solder new port? How much does it cost in workshop?

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Try cleaning the port first i had a similar problem so i took a toothpick trimed it down and use it to clean out the dust in the port then my phone started charging again, be careful not to damage the port when doing this,


It works, I just can't turn it sideways, any suggestions?


Definitely, clean it carefully with a toothpick broken in half such that it breaks diagonally and is thinner and pointier. There was so much lint and gunk in there... packed in tight from the connector going in an out for years, took about an hour to get it all out.


The Tooth Pick method worked. Here are some detailed instructions.

1. Fashioning a Tool: Use a box cutter / utility knife and whittle / shave the toothpick till one end is flatter and thinner with an approximate rectangular cross section.

2. Problem Area: Looking into the phone's connector slot, you will see a thin tab surrounded by empty space. This tab has connectors on both it's faces enabling either way plugging of the cord. The problematic Lint is caked-on on these 2 faces.

3. Action needed: Use this thin, slightly bendy end and lightly rub around the 2 faces of the central tab. Go deep into the empty space, apply light pressure on the face and scrape outwards.

I was surprised how much lint came out.


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Hi Gary Youngman,

there is no need to solder the usb port. U can replace the daughterboard usb usb c port.

Use this guide to replace the daughterboard.

another alternative would be to check if there is a dirty connector - than you can use tweezers to clean

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Removing the back glass can be a fight. Take your time and walk away if it gets overwhelming.

Once open (after removing the back glass and the screws and trays. disconnect the battery first, then work on the rest. Follow the directions closely and try to keep everything in order.

Cables are sensitive, so try not to force things out. They should easily pop off.

Make sure to remove that %#*@ sim card tray!!!

Check, double check, triple check. Make sure you put the screws in the right places. Make sure you handle with care.


So if all the screws aren't put in the phone will not charge?


The phone will charge with the screws removed as long as everything is connected properly. But the screws help hold the motherboard and daughterboard in place. You would need to hold the charge port as you plug in/ unplug to prevent any damage from the board moving


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I am facing the same problem with my s8+ and it is not connecting with hard drives and usbs. And the phone sometimes does fast charging otherwise it is on cable charging and my charger works fine with other s8+. Do I also need to replace the daughterboard? My phone is still in warranty tho kindly guide me so I can take suitable action. Thanks. And kindly tell me if the problem is with the daughterboard what made it broken or it is due to water?

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