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Launched in 1995, the second generation (codename RD or J2) was offered as a sedan and station wagon.

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Power windows refuse to work

I have a 2000 Hyundai Elantra that hasn't had working windows since I got it. We've tried different master switches and relays, checked the fuses, nothing works. Pins on the connector to the master switch read at most 20 mV. Any suggestions?

Update (09/01/23)

This car was totaled 5 months after this post, which was 5 years ago

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Have you tried reading the codes from it?


@corbanizer lol hate to be a spoil sport... but they're probably not gonna answer. This question is over 5 years old.


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Have you checked the wires in the door jamb? You’re going to have to pull the boot all the way back to inspect. Very common place to have wires break after they’ve been flexed daily for 20 years.

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