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iPhone 8 won't charge past 1% after screen replacement

Hi, I recently replaced my iPhone 8 screen, but after the replacement the iPhone wouldn't charge past 1%. It also doesn't show the lightning bolt icon when I plug the cable in but it does vibrate and you can hear the charging sound. It also restarts every minute or so. The iPhone does get recognised by iTunes.

I decided to replace the battery as well in hopes of fixing this problem but the problem still persists.

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I’ve experienced this. It’s frustrating. Would you fellow techs suggest just not unplugging the battery during the repair process? It’s just annoying that Apple keeps making these phones more and more delicate almost to the point of where we’re afraid to work on them


My iPhone 8 won't turn on after screen replacement


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Please take a closer look at the area surrounding the battery and display connector. There are many small components and it is possible that you accidentally dislodged one or more of them during the repair. Take a look specifically at the ones highlighted in yellow.

Block Image

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I'm not sure where the highlighted components are exactly, the inside of the iPhone doesn't really look like the picture


The two highlighted components are to the right of center. This is a representation of the logic board, near the battery connector.


I'm not sure how it is supposed to look, but what if I accidentally dislodged them? is it still repairable?


Yes, missing or damaged components would have to be replaced by someone that is experienced in board-level repairs for iPhones.

Missing or damaged components are probably hard to spot without a microscope.


Had this same exact issue, ended up being a microscopic resistor being dislodged and gone forever. Maybe the size of a single lice, maybe smaller. Used a mini desktop microscope to spot it. Any idea as to where I could find the value of said resistor? I have done some board level soldering, would probably use a tiny heat gun attachment to resolder it.


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kinda sounds like one of two things from my experience with the iphone 8.

1) most common issue; is a damaged Proximity Flex. Try replacing this part, and see if it fixes at least your booting problem.

2) Board Damage by the battery connector; very commonly on home repairs, a localized Filter is damaged near the battery, which causes resets, as well as being unable to process the battery. (#EDIT# @refectio followed up with a great image to help you find this damage. i suggest taking a look at it.)

These are the most COMMON reasons this will happen. however, you can also have an issue with the Charge port PBA, or a problem in the board not quite as noticable as physical damage.

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What version of the software are you on? Apple disabled iPhone 8 with DIY screen replacements in IOS 11.3. After a public outcry they then relased a further update to enable the phones again. Use iTunes to update to the latest version and all should be well.

( )

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I'm currently on iOS 11.2.5


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