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The Mozart Magic Cube, Serial Number: 3528203101, Model Number 03101, is the 2008-2012 version of the musical baby toy by Munchkin Inc.

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Where can I get a new battery cartridge for the Mozart Magic Cube?

I was given a Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube for my babies,

I went to replace the batteries and the middle battery holder had been rusted and the spring to hold battery & connect the power to toy had fallen off. Is there anyway I can get a new battery cartridge for this toy? Who do I contact to get it?

Thank you!!!

Mom in Rome.

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@wallace3 this may be tougher than anticipated. Replacement parts are not readily available so we may have to find a place to scrounge parts for the repair. Post some pictures of what the battery compartment looks like with the damaged area. That way we can see what you see Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente There may be a way of repairing it with some basic skills. If not than we can try to find a non-genuine replacement to make it fit. You could of course check places like and see if something like this will work for you.

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