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Released September 14, 2012, Apple's EarPod headphones are a new revision to their iconic white headphones. Model number: MNHF2AM/A.

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Left earpod stopped working

After years of use it seems like the left earpod has finally broken. I've tried several things to fix it:

- Bending the cable at different spots

- Pressing down on the cable

I've also used an ohm-meter to see if there was any continuity because of Left side not working. and I noticed something weird. According to every image I see of the 3.5 mm connector of these earpods, there is a white band for the left audio, however, mine does not have this. Could that be why it stopped working? I've never really looked at it before so I'm not really sure if it was ever present but I'm assuming, since every image I see contains the white band, it should be there.

I hope anyone can help me out here.

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Hi @sybro ,

Did you have continuity for the left speaker, when you used an Ohmmeter to test between the tip and ring 2 connector, you didn't say?

Hear is an image showing the jack plug for a lot of Apple products.(as you've already seen ;-)

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If your Ear Pods have the microphone attached then it most probably is the same.

If the white insulation piece between the tip and ring 1 (left audio & right audio in the image) is missing, then there a good chance that there is a s/c (short circuit) between them when you plug it in.

Just as a check, use your Ohmmeter to measure the resistance between the tip and ring 1. It should be twice the reading that you get between the ring 1 and ring 2 (Ground) (The two earphones being in series connection when you test this way). Any other reading indicates that there is a problem.

Replacement plugs are available on Ebay etc.

Just search for TRRS 3.5mm plug to get results. (TRRS denotes Tip, Ring 1, Ring 2 & Sleeve as seen from the end of the plug, this differentiates it from a TRS plug, usually used for headphones without a mic option etc.).

Here is a link just to show you the cost of the part. it is not a recommendation to use any of the suppliers

If you decide to replace the plug, cut the cable about 50mm from the end of the plug , strip the sheath from the cable back to the plug and then strip the insulation about 5mm from the end of the wires.

Use your Ohmmeter to identify what colour wire goes to what connector in the plug, TRRS. Hopefully you'll be able to identify all of them.

WRITE down the results.

When you know what wire goes where, cut the sheath from the cable coming from the earphones about 50mm from the cut end and then terminate the wires in the replacement plug as per what you have written down. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that show how to terminate 3.5mm plugs.

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Hey @jayeff

Thanks for your quick answer.

When I use an ohm-meter I get no readings whatsoever, so I guess my best bet is to replace the 3.5 jack right?

I'll follow your instructions and hopefully it will function as normal again.


Hi @sybro ,

Unfortunately you are in a no win situation.

The Earpods' speakers seem to be in a 'sealed' unit, making it difficult to open without damaging them to ascertain if the problem is in the speaker end or the plug end.

Having the insulation piece missing between the tip and ring1 is definitely no good and points to the problem being in the plug.

You'll have to cut the cable at some point if you don't wish to damage the speaker housing, to prove where the problem actually is.

Hopefully it will be in the plug and that the end result will be a working set of EarPods with a slightly shorter length cable.

Good luck with the repair.


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