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The Brother MFC-440CN is an all-in-one color inkjet printer with a photo bypass tray.

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Will not print ink to paper

Printer (or copy mode) doesn't put ink on the paper when printing

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Hi @dstayner ,

Have you tried performing a printhead clean? You didn't say.

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howdo you clean the "printhead? New ink cartridge, won't go through machine . Says no ink when you try to print.


Hi @mamdot ,

Did you try the printhead clean instructions as per the link above? (scroll down to sect.1 to view how to perform a printhead clean from the printer's control panel.)

Does it say no ink when you tried this?

Which colour is saying "no ink"?


We put in four brand new ink cartridges and nothing will print, not test pages nor other print jobs. We ran the printer head cleanings five times and all we get are blank pages. Cleanings also use up ink so we've lost ink with no printouts. Could the inkjet nozzles be clogged and if so, where can we find authorized dealers/repairers?


Hi @ Harriet Garner,

Just verifying that you did a "print Quality check" using the printer's control panel as well as a test print from your computer just to prove whether the problem is with the printer and not with the computer or computer and printer?Here's a link to the User Manual (scroll to p.148) that shows how to do it.

Apologies if you have tried it this way also.

As for authorized repairers, just search online for Brother printer repairs for your location


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