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Jeans are comfortable, everyday pants usually made from tough yet comfortable denim.

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How do I fix pockets?

My front pockets have holes and tears, along the seams and in the body. I’m referring to the interior sacks, not the denim shell. What’s the best way to fix these, cut them out and sew in new sacks?

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I have Patagonia pants RN51884 Sty 83066. I bought 2 pairs. The pockets on a pair have come “unglued”. I love these pants…how can I get them repaired?


Hi @patag0n1a

Did you try searching the Patagonia website in your location to see if the repair options they offer where you are located are the same as what is shown in the link in the Most Helpful Answer below, you didn't say?


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Hi @peterkim ,

Depending on your location, according to the Patagonia website they will fix it for free. Scroll down to section headed If it's broke fix it!

I've been told that this is the case in the U.K. also. Worth checking out.

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Turn them inside out (only the jeans, leave the pockets as is).

Then sew and/or patch holes. You may need to cut or redesign the original pocket, possibly add extra fabric- all depending on how big the holes are.

Again, make sure you are repairing the pocket(s) with the jeans inside out, do not turn the pockets inside out, otherwise you will find yourself with pockets that have threading, patches, etc. in place where your hands or belongings would go. This may result in tearing open any repair you have made, and a good chance you would make extra holes, ultimately making the original pockets unrepairable.

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