Disk problems after ps3 freezing

So like 2 hours ago i was playing dark souls 2 on my ps3 just fine so i killed the pursuer and used the nest to travel to the lost bastille it launched the cutscene the bird carried me then i entered the loading screen i was in the loading screen for like 20 mins so i decided to restart the game i quit it by holding the ps button and quit the game but my screen froze black so i unplugged and when i put my disk back in it wont work (i tried other games)

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Hi @lance_1120 Try testing with other media, e.g. cd , dvd, blu ray.

Observe if other media is able to play.

there are cases that the blu ray reader has failed but DVD / CD works well.


How do i identify if a disk is blu ray or not?


ok i might've found a problem. the disk stopper part is making sound when i move it, the other part of the ps3 dosent make a sound


@lance_1120 so suppose it has been solved?


nvm ill just save up for a replacement laser snd fo repair


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