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The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is a graphing calculator released in 2004. It includes a USB port, pre-loaded software, APPS, storage, and a removable front and back case.

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Calculator pulses on and off, resetting ram and OS does nothing.

Here is what happens:

1) I pull out all batteries so the RAM can reset.

2) Put batteries back in and calculator starts working for about 30 seconds

3) Calculator shuts off by itself

4) Turn on, screen flashes real quick to display where I previously was, then shuts off.

5) #4 repeats until ram is reset again.

Things I have tried

-OS Reset

-RAM Reset

-Backup battery and battery replacements

-Cleaning connectors

I have another calculator I can sub out parts with.

Is it a capacitor or something I need to replace?

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Honestly, it sounds like you need a fresh set of batteries. Have you tried different batteries? It doesn't say in your post if your batteries were fresh or not.


Tried about 5 different sets of working batteries.


Try to power it without any batteries and plugging the usb cable into either the wall or a PC. Does it still behave the same way doing this?


Yes. The little windows, "da-doo" correlates with the screen flashing on and off (when I can get it to stay on long enough).


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Try cleaning the I/O port and the USB port of any dust or debris. This can cause it to turn on. Check for a short circuit around the [ON] key.

If this doesn't help, your calculator may have a more serious issue. Such as having a defective component. Try checking any wire and component contacts you can for a broken circuit.

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