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Samsung NP-R580-JBB2 laptop computer with 500 GB hard drive and 15.6" display released in October 2010.

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Why Is my laptop shutting down when using programs?

Hello team,

I've worked with my Samsung R580 so much, but I dont seem to get a finish of this problem.

So, when I start up Samsung, there is no problem. I let it stay in stand by in the desktop in hours, no shutting down. I can hear the fan going, so no problem there. BUT when i start for example Youtube and watch 2-3 videos it shuts off.

I've changed the cooling paste on the CPU, I've cleaned the fan. But still- The same behaviour. There is nothing that blocks the fan intake. I dont know where to look anymore.

Please guys, I would be very happy if you could help me,


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Hi @riccas ,

Presumably, letting stay in standby for hours means that you are on mains power. Is this correct, or are you on battery power?

If on battery power when this happens does it happen when on mains power?

What OS is installed?

Have you checked in Event Viewer to see what is happening when it shuts down?

If Windows 10 does it auto restart after shutdown?

If so disable auto restart option and check if there is an error message on the screen


Hi Jayeff,

Thank you for fast reply.

Yes, on mains power, without the battery.

Battery- I've have test this with battery andw without. Still Same behaviour.

I have Windows 7, I also tested with a new harddisk, with Linux. Still same problem.

The laptop do not restart after shutdown.

I do not see any information in event viewer that is relevant after reboot.


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Bad RAM wouldn't shut the PC off. As you already replaced the PSU, I'd guess either Overtemp or Motherboard.

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But if the fan is working great and does not overheat, why would it be overheating then?


The thermal sensors may get more sensitive when there has been a high temperature event. There may also be some subtle damage to the heat conduit from the heat sink to the fan resulting in poor heat control. In stand by mode the processor is doing minimum work and does not over heat.


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