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My laptop will not go past a troubleshoot screen

When i start my laptop up, it brings me directly to choose my keyboard and then troubleshoot or turn off my pc. I have tried the repair options but they all say cannot repair. Please help!

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If you have Win 10 installed try repairing the laptop using a recovery USB.

If you don't have a recovery USB you can create one from any known working Win 10 computer.

All you need is a 8GB flashdrive and 40-60 minutes of time.

On the host computer got to Control Panel (click on Windows Start button, type Control Panel in the search box and then click on Control Panel desktop app that appears as an option.

Once in Control Panel, click on the Recovery icon and find the create a USB recovery drive link.

When you have the USB recovery drive, insert it into the laptop and start the laptop. Before it boots into Windows (or the laptop's recovery menus -which may be corrupted) press the Novo button and alter the boot option to boot from the USB first and restart the laptop.

If it won't boot from the USB flashdrive, go into BIOS and enable legacy USB or CSM (not quite sure which one your laptop has), save the changes and try again.

Once into the Windows Recovery Environment menus, loaded by the USB select Troubleshooting > Advanced > Startup Repair and follow the prompts.

DO NOT select Reset this PC as this will reinstall Windows and erase all your data.

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Tried all this and no software solution worked. ended up taking the back off, unplugging and re-plugging the SSD and now all is well. The connector to the SSD seems to be a weak link. So if none of the repair options work, might try this if you have an SSD. May be the same issue with a regular HDD.

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