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Can I install HDD and SSD together in this laptop?

I would like to install a new SSD in the common allocation. Can I install also the old HD in another allocation in this laptop? For example instead of burner dvd?

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You certainly can.

Just get a caddy to hold the old HDD in the DVD drive bay

Update (03/17/2018)

Hi ,

You don't already have a caddy in your laptop.

You need to purchase one to hold the HDD in place when you insert it into the DVD drive bay.

The DVD drive bay is wider than a HDD. When you remove the DVD drive you need a caddy, which is the size of the drive bay, to hold the HDD in the correct position so that it correctly plugs into the (former) DVD drive's SATA connection so that it will work.

The supplier in the link states that it is suitable for your laptop.

Here's a video that gives an idea of how to do it

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Do you know the dimension of the caddy in my Lenovo G50-70?


Yes i know, but I don't know the mm(9 or 9.5 or 12.7) of the caddy that I have to buy



Contact the seller of the caddy (whichever one you choose) and ask them for the measurements of the caddy, before you buy one


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