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The laptop won't start!

My laptop won't start. It charges well (maybe...the indicator flashes) Although I have clicked the power button countless times it won't start. Can there be a problem with the power button or is it a Windows 8 is problem? Please help.

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Try the following.

Disconnect the charger from the laptop.

Remove the battery from the laptop.

Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds. This will dissipate any residual charge in the laptop.

Reconnect the charger to the laptop and switch it on. Leave the battery out at this stage.

Try to turn on the laptop.

If it turns on allow it to boot all the way to the Windows desktop, let the HDD activity settle down then shut down the laptop in the normal manner.

When it has shutdown completely, switch off the charger and disconnect it from the laptop.

Reinsert the battery.

Reconnect and switch on the charger to the laptop.

Try to start the laptop.

If it starts, allow it to boot all the way to the Windows desktop.

Check the status of the battery charge.

If it is charging allow it to fully charge before switching off the charger and disconnecting it from the laptop.

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After removing battery I followed your steps but screen brightness too low I pressed (Fn+home key) F12 also but brightness is not increasing


Please reply laptop is Lenovo G50


This post is 3 years old, you should probably make a new post to ask your question. BUT- On an Lenovo Ideapad the brightness control is Fn + Up Arrow. Your brightness changed because your "power plan" setting for battery power is probably set high, and your brightness setting for AC power is probably set low. If you put your battery back it'll go back to your normal settings. If you click the battery icon in your system tray you can edit the power plan settings there


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