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The Medion Akoya MD96420 model is a mid-size laptop computer made by Medion.

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How do I start from USB

In the procedure to Upgrade to Windows 10 I have to Boot from USB stick

How do I get the laptop to do that?

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Hi @frypp ,

Start the laptop and the repeatedly press the Delete key in the time between the makers 'splash' screen and Windows starting to boot, to enter the BIOS setup area. If it starts to boot into Windows shutdown the laptop by holding the Power button until it shuts down and try again.

Find the setting to change the boot order option and select to boot from USB as 1st choice.

Save the changes and then insert the bootable USB drive into the laptop and then restart the laptop.

It should boot from the USB drive and then you should follow the prompts to install the upgrade.

Make sure that before you perform the upgrade that you have a backup of your data or a system image of the HDD or both saved to an external HDD, just in case it goes wrong and you accidentally wipe your HDD when doing the upgrade.

If it is a clean install then ignore this.

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Using the USB drive as a start up disk in the bios didn’t work for the Medion laptop, you have to make the usb drive bootable, I didn’t.

But what worked for me was, to save Windows 10 from Microsoft.NL site (hulpprogramma nu downloaden) and save windows assistant on the 16GB USB-drive.

After i made a backup of the files I want to keep and all the drivers saved on a recover partition, I just went to the usb-drive with the windows 10 file on then USB drive while my laptop was active. I clicked on the setup program-file, and then the process started.

After all the settings and instructions, I noticed my sound wasn’t working, so I went to the partition Recover(D:) for drivers, selected “05 Audio” and Dolby windows installer but it was older than the one installed. When I changed settings to get it to work.

After all the updates and additional updates all seems to have gone well.


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