Wifi button stops working and disconnects laptop from wifis

I've had my Lenovo Y50-70 Touch for almost 3 years now and lately it's been throwing a fit when I try to change Wi-Fis at my house. When I try to change wifis sometimes it just doesn't try to connect to the Wi-Fi I'm trying to change to and as soon as I click off of the WiFi menu I become disconnected from the Wi-Fi I'm on and leaves me disconnected. If I try to click the Wi-Fi button again nothing happens and trying to troubleshoot it brings up that nothing is wrong. The only way it fixes itself is if I restart my laptop. I'm running on Windows 10 if that helps to pinpoint the problem.

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Hi @directorscar ,

try starting the laptop in safe mode with networking to see if it is a 3rd party program that may be the cause, e.g. A/V or Firewall etc.

Also check in Event Viewer (right click on Windows Start button - left side of taskbar and find link) to see if there is any clues as to what is going on. Check errors and warnings


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