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Released in March of 2008, The Sony Alpha A350 delivers detailed images with its 14.2 megapixel resolution.

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Why do my images disply when shot, but will not display latter?

I have a sony a350, i capture say three images and can view them in the camera fine. If i then switch off the camera and then later switch on and try to view the images i get the message cannot display image.

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Should read display and later


Hi @retepselig ,

Are the images still there if you try to download them to a PC?

Have you got a card reader that you can insert the card into to see if the images are still there?

Have you tried a different memory card?


Hi, i was just thinking, this A350 is a replacement for a previous A350. The cards were formatted in the old camera. Would this cause the problem?


Hi @retepselig ,

It shouldn't but you never know.

if you can, insert the card into a card reader connected to a computer and copy and save any pictures/videos you find on there.

Alternatively if you can just download any pictures/videos from the camera's SD Card onto a computer.

Then, depending on what you have done either place the SD Card back into the camera and then reformat the SD Card or just reformat the SD card using the camera and check if it works OK now.


Hello and still need help

I have tried all suggestions now. The images can be viewed when first shot. But once i turn off the camera and then back on the images will not display. They will also not display through a card reader. I have purchased a brand new card also and it makes no difference. I have formated and reset the camera. I am beginning to think that there is a fault within the camera software or even hardware. `is it it a bin job? Peter


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Hi @retepselig ,

Going on the fact that the CF Memory card reader is a removable part and is not hard mounted onto the motherboard, I think that it could be replaced.

Unfortunately I cannot find any service manual or teardown videos that would help in gaining access to the part for it to be replaced. You may have better luck

By the way, it is not a recommendation to use the supplier shown in the link above. It was shown to verify that the card reader is a replaceable part and also to show the cost of the part (at least from this supplier). There may be other suppliers that suit you better if you decide to do this.

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