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The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016), an Android Smartphones released by Samsung Electronics in 2016.

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Forgot passward to unlock phone

I've chosen the options to unlock my phone with fingerprint or password.

I basically have only used the fingerprint so far, but after a restart of the phone I'm now required to submit the password which I have forgotten. How can I proceed, is factory reset the only option left? :/

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This is my last chance to get the correct password or my mobile is locked for good


Forget email id forget password forget phone screen lock pin

=== Update (08/29/2018) ===

Please tell me how to unlock my phone


Unlock my A5 2016 Samsung


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Yeah, if it shows reactivation lock on in the download mode menu then you will need to factory reset the phone via recovery as you can't flash custom files with reactivation lock on which would allow you to remove the password via custom recovery.

You can check this by turning off the phone then holding power + volume down + home until you see the download mode prompt screen, then use volume buttons to enter download mode.

Look at text at top right for reactivation lock info. To get out of download mode hold the same keys again for 10-15 seconds.

The process of bypassing the screen lock involves flashing a custom recovery, typically TWRP then booting into the recovery, mounting the system partition, and using the built in file manager to delete the following files

- password.key

- pattern.key

- locksettings.db

- locksettings.db-shm

- locksettings.db-wal

More info here:

Download mode is used to flash files with the program called ODIN, more info here:

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I have this problem to

Update (03/04/2020)

will be very very grateful

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