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The Nextbook Ares 10A is an Android tablet released December 2016.

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Why is the tablet stuck on the screen saying nextbook powered by andro

It is stuck on this screen won't shut down of this screen

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Tried both nothing


My tablet keep getting hot an stuck freezing what is wrong withit


My tablet is just loading on the screen that says nextbook


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I will try to help. Try to open it up take the battery out and re connect it. If that dose not work try to get to the bios setting by clicking the power button and volume button and then go to reset. I am not an android user but I don’t know if it will delete your info if you go into bio settings. But try it. Good luck.

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What if i cant do any of that then what


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Umm I found this link from the internet.


You can try to reset it again I am sorry that I can’t be more useful. Hopefully you will get it to work. Also did you call the company that made it. If not try giving them a call.

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