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Can I use tape instead of adhesive strips when replacing the battery?

I didnt realize you had to buy adhesive strips when also buying a new battery. I am desparate however and dont want to wait another week for the adhesives to come in. Can i use double sided tape instead?

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@lehud like @benjamen50 already said, yes you can. Any good hardware store will have double sided tape you can use. It does come in a variety of thickness and something like 3M 4624 will work. Not as convenient as the strips offered by ifixit but good enough to hold your battery in place.

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You can use double sided tape like this, it works great for adhereing batteries:

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Most double sided tape is to thin to gap between the battery and case. Best to wait. Sorry ;-{

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What do you mean? Are they not strong enough?


Try this take two large coins and place the tape between them you could pull the coins apart quite easy as only a small amount of surface contact. Now take two frame washers of the same size while it still has a hole the surface area is larger than the coins. It will take more effort to pull them apart.

Your battery and case are similar to the coins. A foam or thicker tape will form to the uneven surfaces. You really need to hold the battery down otherwise things can get worse!


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