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Recommendations on replacement feet?

Does anyone have any recommendations for replacement feet for the 2015 Macbook Pro (A1502)?

Trouble finding quality aftermarket feet that does not include purchasing an entire lower case.

Thank you.

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Are you looking for these? MacBook and MacBook Pro Unibody Plastic Feet or Macbook Retina Feet. I do believe these are the same size. The IFIXIT part needs to be glued in and the PowerBookMedic is stick on.

MacBook and MacBook Pro Unibody Plastic Feet Imagem


MacBook and MacBook Pro Unibody Plastic Feet


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For clarification: The Unibody feet have one "pin" (that the wrong word) and a large center. The Retina fest have a small center and one pin. The MacBook Airs have two pins and a small center.


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Most of the replacement feed I have found online are described as "rubber", but all the Amazon reviews say it's really hard plastic and not at all like the originals. (You can rolls up the originals like a burrito.) This means that the replacement feet won't grip, but rather will let the laptop slide around on smooth surfaces.

I have not yet found any replacement feet where someone clearly stated that they were soft rubber.

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The older Unibody feet are just hard plastic. The newer Retina series are also plastic but have a rubber coating (silicone).

The still older non-unibody systems had the rubber feet which often came off as they were small and tended to be snagged.


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