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The fourth-generation 4Runner incorporated serious changes to the chassis and body of the vehicle, but was targeted at approximately the same demographics as the third generation.

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Low pressure light for only the spare comes on after temp drop

Whenever the temperature drops around 20 degrees the low pressure light for the spare tire comes on and the tire needs air. The rest of the tires are fine and remain inflated. I'm not talking about it getting cold (below or near zero) it will happen if it drops fro 60 -40 degrees. Soon as you add air it goes out. I've had the tire removed, rim cleaned and remounted. No change. Any ideas?

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Hi @plucking

Did you get the tyre pressure tested for punctures or slow leaks? You didn't say.

Have it inflated to the normal pressure (or higher to make it more obvious) and then hold it submerged in a tub of water and check for air bubbles emanating from the tyre. Be patient, a slow leak may not be indicated by a stream of bubbles but could be just the occasional bubble coming out, but always from the same spot.

Maybe it is a faulty valve with a slow leak or a small nail or screw embedded in the tread.

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Have you had the regular 4 tires replaced previously? If so, the sensors were changed too. It may be that the sensor on the spare is older or malfunctioning.

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