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Laptop turns off itself, indicates "PCI LAN: Realtek PXE B03 D00".

After making a strange noise, my Lenovo Ideapad 700 laptop turns itself off, with blue display- " Your PC ran into a problem", then it says something about "media test failure" ,and opens boot menu with option to select "PCI LAN:Realtek PXE B03 D00".

I can turn on my laptop only after turning it with power button.

What should I do?

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اعاني من نفس المشكلة


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@nvn_in_evn "After making a strange noise" sounds like a bad hard drive. Your computer cannot find the OS so it reverts to try to boot from LAN (a Network). take a look on here to see how to get to the HDD.

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How can i open my laptop


@Vireshi Yadav

Click on oldturkey03's "on here" link.


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