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Device repair and troubleshooting for the 7" RCA tablet released in 2014, identified by model number RCT6773W22.

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white screen with black lines

My daughter dropped her RCA tablet. It worked fine for over an hour. Then started showing a white screen with black and gray lines across it. I tried resetting it. And turning it off. How can we fix it. Please she's very upset

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How to fix a white screen on my rca tablet


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Hi @momma3 ,

Either the screen's video cable has come loose or the screen is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Here is a link that shows how to replace the digitizer in your tablet. It is useful as it shows how to open the tablet so that you can check if the video cable is seated correctly into the systemboard and then if it is OK, how to continue to dis-assemble the tablet to gain access to the LCD screen..

If you decide to open the tablet to investigate and / or to replace the LCD screen, be sure that you disconnect the battery from the systemboard first (3:20 minutes into the video) before proceeding any further with the repair.

Here is a link to a supplier of the LCD screen replacement part. It is not a recommendation to use them. It is shown to give you an idea of the cost of the part. There are other suppliers online that may suit you better. Just search for RCT6773W22 lcd screen part for results.

If you find this too daunting then I suggest that you contact a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service and ask for a quote to repair the tablet. You already know the cost of the part. ;-)

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Try opening up the tablet, if it is possible the video cord on the inside needs to be tightened I had the same problem too.

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