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Model A1625. 2015 revision to Apple's set-top-box featuring an A8 processor and 2 GB of RAM.

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Siri Remote Needs Battery Replacement-Should I Even Bother?


Our Apple TV 4th Generation Siri Remote was accidentally submerged in water for about a minute. When it came out, we dried it out for several days in a bowl of rice. The Siri remote actually still works, but only when it is plugged in to a power source with the Lightning cable. Once it is unplugged, it disconnects and stops working completely.

This leads me to believe that it is a problem with the battery. Is it possible to find and install a replacement Lightning port/battery assembly as shown here:

Apple TV 4th Generation Teardown


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I fixed a remote with what looked like a dead battery.

Turned out to be just a battery that drained too far, and the management IC was not allowing it to charge.

Disassemble the remote as per iFixit description. No need to remove taped down battery pack, and no need to remove torx screws on lightning connector.

The top of battery is a little cover piece - use a pry tool to flip up. You should see the positive terminal of battery exposed.

On the left, there is a piece of black tape covering the negative terminal. Peel that up.

I measured battery, and it still had a charge, read 2v

I had an external USB LiPo battery charger, and applied a charge directly to the battery terminals.

Once charge was above 3v (took only a minute or two) , I partially reassembled battery + PCB and checked on the AppleTV to see if battery would charge via lighting-No need to attach the top cover yet

The battery charge display on the AppleTV showed 1% charge, so I let it charge up to 25% before actually fully reassembling.


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I see you did the steps of removing water after being submerged, but have you opened the unit and examined it for possible water damage?

Devices still will work, but of course some components may be lost to due corrosion.

If not, I would open it and see if corrosion is interfering with the power.Notes to Cleaning unit

Hope this helps.

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I have the same problem and been searching for the battery replacement.

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Hi, me too. Looking for replacement batterry.

Anyone know where it can be found?


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I have the same problem

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I have the same Probleme, where can i buy?

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