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An Android smartphone produced by Huawei, released in April 2015.

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Why is my phone taking pictures when I stop the alarm?

A friend of mine has Huawei p8 or p8 lite (not sure about it) and sometimes when he is turning his alarm off, a message pops and says the exact time he has turned the alarm off after it has started (If the alarm is set for 08:00:00 and he stops it at 08:00:45, it says 45 seconds and the camera automatically takes a photo) is there a way to make the camera stop taking photos?

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Hi @ozmog ,

Since it is only intermittent I'm wondering how the alarm is being physically turned off.

It should be done by just tapping the clock icon but perhaps the phone is being grabbed by the edge when the icon is being tapped and the power button and volume button are being accidentally pressed simultaneously which will give a take a screenshot command to the camera.

Just a thought

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