Just need help with purchasing screens.


I have my own iphone/ipad phone repair little business and just need a little help with a few questions to be answered.

1. I bought a couple of LCD's screens in the past (mostly 6S's) and them all had at least a white faded spot around the edge of the screen. Switched to a different seller, and still another white faded spot. I checked multiple times to ensure the connectors are connected and still doesn't change. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or am I just buying poor screens? If so, how would I know if the screen is good quality before purchasing? All of my purchases has been from eBay. I'm from Australia so if someone knows a better website for screen purchasing with fast shipping that'd be great please.

2. If theres a phone that has been water damaged, working completely fine but lets just say for example; the mute switch is not working. To open the screen, should I still use a hair dryer/heat gun to loosen the adhesive to lift up the screen? If so, what IF the water is still in there? Wouldn't make the phone dry quicker upon loosening the adhesive? If there's blue spots, what is the next bet to do?

3. Should I buy adhesives for the screens after replacing? Or should I not worry about it?

Sorry for the long post, just don't want my business to turn out poor!

Thank you.

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1. White faded spot, I don't know about that but I get my 6s screens from two local suppliers (that import their stock from china) with no issues. I keep my suppliers private.

2. I personally don't bother with hair dryers to lift up the screen. I just use my nails and razor blades.

3. Don't bother with the adhesives. They only seal against dust.

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Thanks! I'll just keep looking around until I find the best seller for the screens.


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Use aliexpress.com as a supplier. Their sellers have ratings and you can tell which ones are the most trusted. In rare cases, you can also see which manufacturer made the parts. It may also be cheaper to ship from aliexpress to AUS.


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If you are a small shop with low volume of repairs, ordering from Aliexpress is not a great choice. While they have a rating system, it's mostly garbage and really doesn't mean much. I've received junk from high-rating sellers and I have struggled to get refunds on the more expensive orders when necessary. My experience in general in dealing directly with suppliers in China has been more negative than positive. When you are large enough that you can command respect, then look to China to cut out the middleman. However, while you are smaller, find a reputable supplier, local if possible, that will back up the products they sell and offer you a no nonsense warranty/return mechanism.

That's what will make or break your business...returns.

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