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MacBook 2012 15" Screen Flickering

I bought a 2nd hand MacBook Pro mid 2012 15"

I tried using it before I closed the deal and pay for it, but when I tried it using again doing some regular browsing, the LCD flickered suddenly and I was shocked!

When you move your cursor across the screen there's green, purple flicker popping up, and as you move the cursor it disappears and reappear to another area of the screen, I tried using different browser, and went to different website thinking the websites heavy display causes the flicker but they don't.

I have found similar problem on this forum but the problem was not resolved and the probable causes was not determined.

The guy who encountered the same problem also went to Apple Genius but looks like the Genius cannot find the problem too, they already replaced the logic board and LCD but the screen remained flickering. He also tried to use external monitor and FINALLY he doesn't encountered the flicker issue.

So do you think it has something to do with the LCD?

I hope its not GPU issue like what MacBook Pro 2011's common problem, where there are no permanent solution but only alternative which is reballing/reflowing.

Any inputs is highly appreciated.

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It sounds like you have a trackpad issue. Double check by using a mouse (USB or Bluetooth). If the problem is not visible using it then you'll need to replace the trackpad and cable.

If the problem is still present then you may have a GPU logic issue. But before you jump out of your skin here, There is more than one issue all of the dual GPU based systems have. The first is a tantalum capacitor that breaks down, some people assumed you needed to reball the GPU for this which is not the case. Then there is the GPU issue where the chip was cooked, running heavy graphics stuff the system was not designed to support (it's a laptop not desktop!) The last possibility is a bad LVDS cable or the logic board connector got wet and is corroded.

You might find reviewing Louis Rossmann's vids helpful in understanding what happens and what you are facing here: 820-2850 with no video on screen; we've seen this problem before!

Watch this vid: PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTS USING MACS: let's talk. The section thats important is when he starts talking about popcorning the logic board (3:00 minutes in). As you don't want to cook your GPU like these CPU's were!

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I've tried different mouse, cable and bluetooth, but problem still exists.

I'm going to bring this to the repair shop and get it diagnosed. I hope its not a GPU issue which from what I know, does have a permanent solution but just a reflowing or reballing is just temporary. Otherwise I have to replace the logic board which is too costly.

Do you guys think reflowing is worth a try?

I'm knowledgeable about the reflow but I'm a little hesitate of doing it, probably I will mess up or somthing, but if its worth, I'm going to try.


I would review Louis's vids to see how it fixes the GPU issues (there is more than one issue) before going down that path.


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Sounds like a bad LCD connector on the board level or possibly the video cable itself.

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Whenever I open a heavy app, thats where the issue occurs. But during regular activity like browsing or watching videos, it didnt occur. But I am wondering for the facebook website, when i open a chat on facebook, flickets starts. This is so far the only website I am having trouble with. Ive tried different browser but it still occur for facebook, when I open one contact to chat, and the bar pop up from the bottom, the flickers starts whenever I move the cursor, and I noticed, the flickers only within the browser area, I mean if I make the browser size to smaller one, and move the mouse accross the screen, flickes appeara to the browser area but not on the remaining screen outside the browser


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