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The TomTom ONE is a base model automobile navigation device. The first TomTom ONE was released in November, 2005.

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play in bottom of usb port

I have to wiggle the cord around to get the LED to come on and it doesn't want to charge battery light is red or sometimes yellow. Is it easy to change USB port if that's the problem on my tomtom xl one

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I suggest that at first you try another cable just to make sure that it is not the cable that is loose. If you have determined that it is the port, you will have to open your device and de-solder the old port and re-solder a new one. I do make an assumption you are comfortable doing it. The port is available here and inexpensive USB Plug and here are some instructions how to open it. It may not be exactly your model but I hope it does help you out. TomTom disassembly Good Luck to you

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