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The DJI Phantom 3 Advanced is a remote controlled flight system released in April of 2015. Model Number:WS22

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My dji phantom fall

hi, when my phantom 3 standard fall , camera wont to be stable and its keep shaking ?

I checked the flat vision and gimbals cable there is nothing wrong with it ?

what can I do to get it fix

thank you

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i had this same thing happen to my phantom 4 i had to replace the entire camera assembly.

they told me it had to do with the motor not being about to stabilize anymore.

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what did you do to resolve this? i have the same problem.

my phantom 3 advanced crashed and after that the camera or gimball keeps on tumbling . and what could be the cost to let it repair?


@sjoemie if you goto the DJI site they sell replacement gimbals for most models


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