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Error 2000 and Error 2100 after updating my laptop.

Hello!! Yesterday I was updating my laptop, as usual but after the update was done the laptop started doing some weird things. When I turn it on, not long after that is done the screen freezes and does absolutely nothing and if after that, a little window that says windows explorer is not responding and gives me the options to end the process or to cancel and if I don't do anything the laptop turns off and then again on and the Error: 2000 and 2100 pop up. What can I do?

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Hi @eand ,

What OS is installed in the laptop?

Try performing a "system restore" to a point in time just before you performed the last update before the problem stated.

You will lose any updates that were performed after that date and any new programs installed after that date. The updates will have to be re done and the programs (if any) will also have to be reinstalled.

You will not lose any of your data.


I can't because when I try to open system diagnostic the screen freezes and nothing happens. After trying to start up my laptop a couple of times now it doesn't even turn on it just shows me the error 2100.


Now it says "Your pc couldn't start properly" Error code: 0xc00000e9, it says press enter to try again or f8 for startup settings but I press any of them the screen goes black and after a few minutes the same thing pops up


@eand, What OS is your laptop running?


It's running Windows 10


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Hi @eand

Have you got a Win 10 Recovery USB disc?

If not you can create one from any Win 10 PC. Go to Control Panel > Recovery.

You'll need a 4GB (min) USB flash drive and it takes about 40 minutes to create.

Once you have the drive, either press F12 on startup to change boot order in your laptop or go into BIOS and change the boot order to boot from USB 1st.

If it doesn't boot from USB check in BIOS to enable Legacy boot or perhaps CSM if legacy not mentioned.

Once it boots into Windows Recovery select Troubleshooting > Advanced and select Repair Startup.

Do not select reset this pc as it will reinstall Windows and erase all your data.

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