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Model M8541 / 5 or 10 GB hard drive / scroll wheel physically turns

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Bad connection for firewire cable connections


I can not recharge my iPod with FireWire cable because my iPod (FireWire) connector is oxidized or it dose not working. I would like to exchange my iPod FireWire connector.

Please help, where can I by that connector, and how can I exchange it.

Thank you,

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juliusgyuszi, did you get it going again? I really would like to know since I work mostly on the "legacy items"


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The only thing that I can think of is that you try to obtain the firewire connector from places like or and solder it yourself. It may also possible that you can repair your current one if you know how to solder small pieces. I believe that the solder connection probably worked themselves loose or even broke. Not sure until you do a thorough inspection. Last resort you might have to replace the logic board which could be a challenge just to find one. You might try or or check and see if they have them. There are of course companies that will repair your logic board, for a price. good luck to you and let us know how it is going.

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